An Overview of Lindstrom Associates



  • Increase your sales
  • Improve your market share
  • Achieve competitive advantage
  • Create sustainable, profitable growth




  • Identify and communicate your Unique Sales Proposition (USP)
  • Convert your USP to web content, forming the basis for your website design
  • Develop traditional and web-based sales tools – brochures, product data sheets, press releases, newsletters, etc.



Markets and Customers

  • Spot market shifts and competitive pressures
  • Define market opportunities and threats
  • Develop market segmentation and sales potential for new and existing products
  • Find the best entry paths and strategies into new market segments
  • Uncover new markets and market segments that you don’t
  • Locate new material and product sources, partner candidates and acquisition targets



Products and Technologies

  • Evaluate new technologies in light of market needs
  • Discover competing technologies and risks they present
  • Identify current and future technology trends
  • Test new products and services
  • Competitor analysis and profiling
  • Voice of Customer analysis
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) experienced
Lindstrom Associates applies the business and engineering expertise of its principals and associates to provide marketing, technical and program management services to machinery manufacturers, component suppliers, and materials providers over a wide range of applications. We work with our clients to transform technology and market facts into insights, insights into strategies, and strategies into actionable business plans.

Lindstrom has performed extensive work in fields as diverse as industrial automation, motion control, HVAC, on- and off-road heavy vehicle technologies, EV and hybrid vehicles, law enforcement, ballistic protection, power generation, alternative energy, metals, plastics and medical devices. Our clients serve a wide range of industries.

Lindstrom Associates’ services include engineering and technology evaluation, existing and emerging competing technology research, market analysis, market acceptance studies and the development of fact-based business strategies.

We work with clients to help them increase the value of their products, reduce risks and maximize results when making strategic business decisions. Our decades of professional experience over a wide range of industries and applications can help you.


Let Lindstrom Associates act as your solution partner. Contact us today.

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