Knowledge and Experience Make the Difference

We focus on broad technology-based and market-based projects to help our clients get the answers they need quickly and cost-effectively. Our extensive experience makes that promise possible.



Sampling of Lindstrom Industry Experience


  • Automotive and light truck technologies and trends
  • On- and off- highway heavy vehicle technologies
  • Hydraulics, electro-hydraulics, optics, radar, sonar
  • Friction materials, clutch and brake technologies
  • Autonomous (driverless) and near-autonomous vehicle operation
  • Military vehicle technologies
  • Light armored vehicles
  • Ballistics and ballistic protection Law enforcement technologies
  • Medical devices and technologies
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Metal alloy products, applications and trends



  • Metal finishing and fabricating
  • Plastic extrusion, blow molding, rotational molding, fabrication
  • Electric power generation
  • Semiconductors
  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Wind, solar, microturbines
  • Industrial automation and motion control
  • Electric motors, drives, gearing, mechanical power transmission
  • Servo and stepper motors and systems
  • PLCs, networks, sensors, machine and process control systems
  • Distributed controls, sensor communications, active magnetic bearings
  • Pump and fan technologies
  • Air handling, HVAC · Industrial scrubber and fan systems