Lindstrom services are broad in scope and reach. They are based on the strengths and experience of Lindstrom principals and associates, a creative mix of methodologies, and structured to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a trusted partner with your company. A partner that takes the time to understand your business, your technologies, your products, and the market spaces you serve, we can provide you with meaningful information that is accurate, timely and cost-effective.


Typical Lindstrom Services

Understand Markets, Market Segments and Potential Customers

  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Market opportunity studie
  • New customer identification and estimated sales potential (ESP)
  • Market opportunity mapping to best utilize manufacturing and sales resources


Technologies, Products and Technology Trends


  • New product development research
  • Competitor technology assessments
  • Risk and risk timing analysis for emerging
  • Opportunity evaluation for your new technologies
  • Understand and negotiate changes in key technologies
  • Improve products and product strategies

Development of your unique sales proposition and commercial message

  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Data sheets
  • Social media
  • Press releases

Growth and Business Strategies

  • Identification and evaluation of sourcing partners, JV opportunities and acquisition targets
  • Build plans for growth and improvement
  • Development of business plans


Voice of the Customer Analysis

  • Current customer – Satisfaction; perceptions; unmet needsn
  • Potential customer – Current suppliers; requirements; unmet needs


A Global Perspective

In the context of today’s markets, our work is often global in scope, and might involve:

  • Providing client guidance into market entry beyond their traditional U.S. customers
  • Identifying and dealing with offshore competitors and their products
  • Recognizing and dealing with near-future technology pressures developed by advanced European and/or Asian providers

Custom Project Design

We develop each project based on your company’s objectives and timelines, then identify key deliverables to meet those goals.


Total Anonymity Custom Project Design

Operating as an independent service supplier, Lindstrom offers the ability to interface with current customers, potential customers, competitors and other market participants while maintaining total anonymity.


This allows you to test new technologies or potential products, explore entry into new market segments or to consider sourcing, JV or acquisition options without exposing your intentions until ready.


Degrees of Engagement

Lindstrom’s experience spans client projects that range from a few weeks of intense effort in parallel with yours, to long-term engagement wherein Lindstrom becomes an integral part of your project team